The Courage to Heal

We all know that everyone is battling something and while many learn to live with their pain, some find the courage to heal. I retreated to an ashram, abandoning my comfort zone hoping to find peace and break negative cycles. I was plagued with mommy guilt for leaving my son behind but a healed mommy is much better than a wounded one.


I traveled to the middle of nowhere to forgive, find peace and move forward. I was tired of reliving the past and worrying about the future; I simply wanted to be present. I meditated with yogis from around the world. I slowed  down, prayed in a forest and was still enough to find some peace. Until you change what you are thinking, you will recycle your experiences.


I had to sit with my thoughts and emotions. I had to confess and ugly cry. I had to face my demons and forgive myself. I had to journal until I released my own negativity. I had to pull back layers of pain to get to the root of some problems.  I’m so stubborn I  even got nudged in the butt by a donkey to learn a lesson.

Healing is a process and I encourage those who are suffering to take time to heal. Don’t continue going through life wounded by pain and resentment do the dirty work and heal.cth3

Jai Siddhatma!

Victorious are the Liberated






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