The Beauty of Letting Go

This fall nature is definitely reminding me of  the beauty of letting go. The leaves will fall, the trees will endure winter and by spring something beautiful will be blooming. Sometimes if you let go of what you are holding on to, you’ll make room for something better. Everyone and everything is not meant for your next season.


Unfortunately, I’m the type that wants to persevere through unnecessary battles. I fight to make things work even  when it is just best for me to walk away. This season, I’m taking notes from nature : letting things go, enduring the harshness of winter and making room for something new to bloom. No more aimless circles in the corn maze for me, this fall.



I pray for the wisdom to know when to fight and when to flee. I pray that I set a good example for my son this season. I pray I continue to choose my path of healing and let go of those things that don’t serve me. Cheers, to moving on and enjoying each day with this handsome fella.



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