Tips for A Baby’s First Flight

I love adventures with my little man and it is incredible; but honestly I was nervous about flying. It’s difficult to manage the baby, the luggage, the backpack and the carseat. Flying solo with a baby is intense but the strong survive.


1.Bottle for Take Off

My first time, I made the mistake of starting the bottle to soon and  he finished it before take off. So, the next time I waited until after the safety spiel and it worked out better.

2. Talk to Those Around You

My son is very friendly but it was helpful that I talked to the people around me. I apologized in advance and everyone was so nice and accommodating.

3. Bring Your Baby Carrier

I was stuck in the bathroom when the turbulence started and I was so grateful that I had my carrier because I didn’t want to drop my baby when things got crazy. I was nervous! Also its a great help when navigating through the airport.


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