Chapter 28 Bucket List

  1. Help women with unplanned pregnancies
  2. Create A Web series
  3. Blog 2 Times A Month
  4. Teach Sammie 4  Signs in Sign Language
  5. Travel to Costa Rica
  6. Visit Austin
  7. Become A Licensed Social Worker
  8. Visit San Antonio
  9. Return to Graduate School
  10. Run a Themed 5k
  11. Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
  12. Publish A Children’s Book
  13. Read 28 Books
  14. Go on A Cruise2801
  15. Zip-line
  16. Attend A Festival
  17. Invest Money
  18. Pay off Credit Card Debt
  19. Go Wine Tasting
  20. Obtain CHL
  21. Host Sammie’s first birthday
  22. Host A Women’s Event
  23. Baby Dedication
  24. Read to Children
  25. Attend A Conference
  26. Give to A Different Cause Each Month
  27. Lead A Women’s Retreat
  28. Conquer A Fear28.jpg

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