Be A Better Example

I’m still amazed that God entrusted me with His son and I don’t take it for granted.

Everything I went through to bring him into the world, God kept me. He gave me peace when the nurses gave me bad news. He gave me courage in uncertain circumstances. He gave me the strength to endure and the wisdom to escape a very toxic situation. He surrounded us with a supportive tribe and for that I am forever grateful.

He’s 8 months old, two teeth, pulling up, trying to walk and very determined. There are things that God has placed on my heart in regards to Sammie and I pray I see it through.

Eat What You Grow

The foods we eat are overly processed and harmful to our bodies. It is important that I don’t fill his body with toxic food-like substances. I hope to become a great farmer and eat off the land and when I fall short at least eat organic.

School is in Session

Nurturing his mind is so important to me, I would like to start my own little home schooling program; so subscribe to our Youtube Channel for our learning adventures and activities.

I’m determined to be a better example for my son and be a good steward over my blessings!


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