Bring Hope To Others

Around my first trimester, I moved back home to Texas and couldn’t find a job. Daily, I worried about how I would provide for my son. I eventually got a part time gig and I did everything I could to maximize that money to prepare for Sammie’s arrival. I learned how to coupon and never paid full price for anything ever again. This couponing frenzy left me with a stockpile to share.


Sammie and I are donating 7.5 packages of diapers to a non profit organization that helps expecting families in need. It may not be much but it’s a start. As a mother, I know what it’s like to be uncertain of how things are going to work out. I want my life and my blog to bring hope others!


This blog is not just about documenting my journey through motherhood but it is committed to helping mothers in need. If you purchase anything from our store a percentage goes to helping others. We hope to continue partnering with this organization so we can spread love, bring hope and support other women and children.





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