Preparing to Make Homemade Baby Food

This month my little guy will be able to try baby food and Im determined to make this transition as natural as possible. I went down the baby food aisle and saw something that made my stomach turn. I couldn’t imagine feeding this to my son.


So, I decided to make my own baby food!

You’ll need a blender but thankfully I already have one.

I began doing a little research and found the following on Amazon  :


The game plan is to :

Clean, Cut and Cook Produce

Puree the Produce

Place Produce in Silicone Trays



To Thaw Safely 

Place frozen puree cubes  in the refrigerator overnight

Serve the next day 😉

Preparing to make homemade baby food has really gotten me to thinking that I should consider relactation. Working two jobs didn’t exactly give me enough time to pump or breastfeed. However, if it’s okay to give babies processed foods, I have no idea what is in that formula. Maybe I should reconsider, what do you think ?





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